Latest Updates

Latest Updates

Updates and improved supports for curriculum progress tools
14/02/2019 8:00 AM

From mid-February we’ve made some significant updates to curriculum progress tools – the Learning Progression Frameworks and the Progress and Consistency Tool – and the way we’re providing support.

Schools who are part of a Kāhui Ako will be able to share information across their network using PaCT. They’ll be able to monitor progress and identify achievement challenges as a community.

We have also created a multi-pathway range of options for support – they can be used independently or together. The supports now available include:

  • Website resources - this website will help you understand the Learning Progressions Frameworks and how to use PaCT. We’ll keep developing it throughout 2019, adding more resources and support materials. The materials are designed so any school and Kāhui Ako who wants to implement progress tools can do so easily – either on your own or with support.
  • Support Schools Network – peer to peer support for teachers and schools. The support schools in this network are proficient users of curriculum progress tools. They’ve experienced the benefits of the tools and they have practice and implementation insights to share with you.
  • Implementation Support – facilitators will provide targeted support to help new schools understand and implement the curriculum progress tools. This service is targeted specifically to establish; an understanding of progress across the curriculum using LPF, and efficient and effective practices when using PaCT to track progress.
  • Centrally funded PLD – centrally funded facilitators will be able to support you to implement the curriculum progress tools, where appropriate.
  • Central coordinator – a central coordinator will be available to help you understand the supports available and help provide access to them.

Also from 21 February, PaCT will only track student progress using the levels of the New Zealand Curriculum. The National Standards option will no longer be available. Kura can continue to use the Te Marautanga o Aotearoa levels or Ngā Whanaketanga Rumaki Māori within Te Waharoa Ararau (TWA).

We’re working with providers to develop Anga Tupuranga, which will strengthen Te Waharoa Ararau (TWA). A development site will be available in Term 1, so you can see how it’s developing and contribute towards it.

If you have any questions or want any further information, you can contact us on