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Latest Updates

The Replacement of the LPFs and the Future of the CPTs
22/08/2022 11:05 PM

The Literacy & Communication and Maths Strategy and Action Plans


The Strategy and Action Plans note that, as part of work underway to develop draft content for the Mathematics & Statistics and English learning areas of The New Zealand Curriculum, new Literacy & Communication and Numeracy progressions for schooling are being developed. These progressions will replace the current Reading, Writing and Mathematics Learning Progression Frameworks (LPFs). The new progressions link to the Literacy & Communication and Numeracy practices of all learning areas and will become part of the common practice model. The common practice model and associated kaiako and leader support will help all teachers support learners to progress and achieve in these foundational skills across each phase of learning.


The New Progressions


We’ve heard that kaiako want more guidance on the learning that matters the most at different stages. The new progressions will be designed to provide greater clarity and detail on the important progress steps that support ākonga towards the progress outcomes for each phase of learning (Understand Know Do Model). This will strengthen alignment along the whole pathway and cohesion across curriculum and assessment. The new progressions will be informed by the Literacy & Communications and Maths Strategy and Action Plans and the refresh of the New Zealand Curriculum.




The Action Plans state that these changes will be phased over the next five years. There is no further specific timeframe that can be given on the implications for the Curriculum Progress Tools (CPTs). There are not yet any plans to make any changes to Progress and Consistency Tools (PaCT). It will remain an active Ministry tool in its current state. As developments occur through the phased collaborative design work and implementation, the Ministry will maintain clear communication channels and no sudden changes will happen.


Advice for Schools that are new or existing CPTs Users


The LPFs will be replaced, however the new Literacy & Communication and Numeracy progressions are still under development and will take time to embed. In the meantime, we are continuing to promote the use of the LPFs in schools, including at secondary level. We know that continuing to use the LPFs enhances Literacy and Numeracy pedagogy and will set kaiako and schools up well for transitioning to the new progressions once they become available.


We recommend that you continue your journey with the CPTs. The current LPFs remain valuable tools worth engaging with, as they give kaiako a good understanding of progression and help them identify the next learning steps their ākonga need. This aligns well with the refreshed New Zealand Curriculum which incorporates a progression-based model and supports the same effective pedagogical practice.


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Literacy & Communication and Maths Strategy and Action Plans


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