Latest Updates

Latest Updates

Increased flexibility and new progress reports now available in PaCT
11/10/2019 4:14 PM

The latest updates to PaCT have just been released. They focus on two key improvements:

  • Increased flexibility.
  • The addition of progress reports for cohorts of students.


Increased flexibility:

To ensure that PaCT is responsive to the varying needs of schools some features have been removed, and others have been added. These changes enable schools to make judgments at any time and include all students in school reports.

Features that have been removed:  

  • Anniversary judgment cycles
  • Interim and final judgement cycles
  • Judgment types (interim, final, anniversary, and ad hoc)
  • Reporting by judgment type

 Features that have been added:

  • Optional school settings to:
    • Configure the amount of time teacher have to make judgments
    • Create reporting windows (instructions)
    • Set end of year notifications for incomplete judgments

Find out more about these settings on the ‘Set up and manage PaCT’ page

  • The ability to backdate judgments (up to 26 weeks) when confirming them.

  • The ability for school leaders to delete historical judgments from within their school using the delete button on the bottom of the individual student achievement reports.
  • Revised helpers. Switch these on using the toggle in the top right hand corner of your screen.    


New progress reports for cohorts of students:

School, class, and Kāhui Ako reports now include a focus on progress, as well as achievement.


  • Progress reports show student achievement over time, and are focused on one cohort of students.
  • Achievement reports show achievement at a point in time and can compare two cohorts of students.

Reports have been extended, to include several sections, though care has been taken to ensure all of the previous functionality is still available.

Further information about each report will be added to the ‘Using PaCT reports’ page of the website, this will include information sheets on interpreting and using each report and further details about report setting.


Individual student reports name changes

The individual student reports have not changed, but they have been renamed to be consistent with the other progress and achievement reports.

 Previously 'Judgments by student'                                       Previously 'Judgments for your class'



Download this article: Increased-flexibility-and-new-progress-reports-now-available-in-PaCT.pdf